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About Us

We Provide The Better Way of Selling and Saving: Heavily discounted Quality Full Service MLS and a Flat Fee MLS, as covered in G&M, CBC, CTV, Toronto Star, dozens of other newspapers, magazines, business journals; other written and electronic media.

Our Goal: To get your property sold at the highest price in the time frame you have. It does NOT matter whether a cooperating broker sells or we sell your property so long as you get the most from the sale..

Our Business Model: What the consumer wants, Choice of MLS packages and an Option to buy Unbundled Services; A La Carte Service to save you money.

Our Service: When you hire us to list your property on MLS, you and your property will not become just a number. In a real true sense, you will get one to one service, tips and advice from the broker of record.

For a Successful Sale: For the property to sell for what it is worth and more, the agent who provides a MLS listing, should have education, training, knowledge, skills and experience in the field of Real Estate, Market Evaluation, Finance, Marketing, Contract Negotiations, Human Behaviour and the ability to formulate a plan and react to the market conditions in a timely fashion.

Savings Without Any Compromise: If you are serious about saving money and protecting your finances, do not settle for anything less; accepting anything less could compromise your finances and hard earned money. Finding out that you made a mistake is often too late, when you are selling your property.

Some Professional Highlights:

  • Status in the Industry: I am the Broker of Record with 36 year field experience, (Broker of Record is a lot more than a salesperson or a broker in education, training and experience). I also own the company.  Based on the performance, I was personally recognized for being in the top 5% Internationally in the organization back in 2003.
  • Ability to Handle Multiple Offers: Have expertise in this field and have handled as many as 14 offers at one time.
  • Professional Integrity: Have served on the Ethics committee of the Toronto Real Estate Board and am well known for integrity and for treating clients fairly.
  • Mortgage Financing Resources Like No One Else: Without access to an affordable mortgage, the odds are against selling any property for the highest price.  I can provide timely one day approval for most mortgages. (I am a Mortgage Broker and also own a mortgage company )
  • Education and Training in Appraisal Field: I am a qualified Market Value Appraiser and graduate of several appraisal courses of Appraisal Institute of Canada and can provide expert advice to maximise the sale price
  • Master of Negotiating Skills: Have negotiated thousands of real estate and business contracts, some of them extremely difficult and challenging, to the sheer delight of all the parties involved
  • Legal Knowledge: Our clients get worry free sale agreements and the deals close like a clock work. ( Have taken several University level law courses at Master’s level at U of T)
  • Business Acumen: Can advise you on complex matters ( I hold Post Graduate Masters Business degree from U of T in Finance and Marketing and have decades of experience as a consultant to individuals and small businesses)
  • Internet Savvy: Have keen interest and knowledge to get results from internet marketing

A Word of Wisdom:  All that Glitters is Not Gold! 

There is literally a flood of agents/websites tying to confuse the consumer by making tall claims, while the fact is that they have not been around too long and do not have much to offer. Here is what you can do to check them out. 

Click on the link  and enter their website address in "Whois Lookup:" text box and click "Search". The search results will tell you when the subject website domain came into existence and beginning that date is the total experience of the agent in providing such a service to the consumer.  Mind you, it still does not tell you anything about the agent's expertise and he may have Very Little or Absolutley None.  Anyway, with this information in hand, you will be better equipped to be the judge. 

Before you get too absorbed in the sole thought of hiring a Broker with the Lowest  Price for a MLS, you should check out our resume and the resume of anyone else whom you might consider for providing you MLS Listing service. After all, what good is saving money if that involves compromising your financial interests.

Our posted Resume will briefly introduce us to you and you will get to know more about our experience and expertise.



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