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Miscellaneous Information
Additional Services

S.N. *Service

1 Processing a MLS Listing

MLS Listing 4 - 6  months Listing period, Listing  on and , uploading the listing with up to 9 colour photos

2 Servicing the MLS listing,

24 Hour Appointment Desk, Follow Up with Prospective Buyers,      Agents, Brokers, Bank / Mortgage company, Liaison between Buyer& Seller's Lawyers , Home Inspector, Appraiser, 24 hour Answering Service,

Fee / Thirty (30) Days –Till Closing

Calculated in the multiple of 30 Days

3 Amendment to the MLS Listing

Re Run / Amendment/ Edit to the MLS Listing:  Changes in MLS, e.g. price, remarks, property info, suspension,   Change in Status, Reinstatement of MLS listing;  etc. etc. Any number of changes at one time

Per Occurrence, After 5th Day of Listing Effective Date
4 Open House in GTA 

2- 3 Hours

5 Virtual Tour –Photos –Info Sheets

Virtual Tour + uploading with MLS Listing + Colour Property Information Sheets with  up to 6 -8 Photos

6 Internet Marketing,

Major Search Engines & Their  Affiliates / 30 Days

7 Visit / Consultation

Marketing, Strategy, or CMA. / Occurrence

8 Representing The Seller  At Negotiations Till SOLD & Closed

Any One Offer or Multiple Offers / Follow up till Closing with Cooperating Salesperson / Broker / Lawyers / Home Inspector / Appraiser / Mortgage Broker / Handling of Amendments / Waivers & Disbursements of Trust Funds, To The Other Broker / To You / Others

9 Assignment & Termination

Assignment and Termination of The MLS Listing /

10 Private Sale

Option to sell Property Privately During the Currency of the MLS Listing

11 Commission Payable For Selling The Property

Commission Payable To The Brokerage That Brings The Offer –A Percentage of the sale price or One lump sum payment  -Your choice

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