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  • Listing will be for a period of six calendar months.
  • You will provide full information about your property  by uploading it through the website. Personal visit, pick up or delivery of the documents is available at additional cost.
  • The MLS listing will be processed Exactly as per your submission.  When information and the paperwork  is incomplete, MLS listing can NOT be processed and consequently the processing of listing on MLS, will be delayed.
  • As much as the changes in the Real Estate Board’s stringent requirement to post a listing on MLS are expected soon, Real Estate Boards still do not allow to insert the seller’s phone number on the MLS listing. Till this is allowed, you will need to subscribe to Front Desk Service  to get the real benefit of the MLS listing, otherwise buyers and the agents will not be able to contact you for your property.
  • You are free to decide if and what amount  you want to pay to the selling broker,
  • Upon the sale of your property a service and transaction fee is payable to us on closing.  Please contact us for details.

**We fully comply with the rules and regulations of the local Real Estate Board, RECO, and the CREA. This offer is not open to those who are currently under a contract with another broker nor this offer can be used to break an existing contract. We do not and will not interfere with our fellow broker’s contracts or listings.


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