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There is No Wisdom or Glory in Paying More for What You Can Get For Less!


Flat Fee MLS Listing | Lower Real Estate Commissions | Real Estate Agent| Real Estate Broker | Save | GTA| Toronto |Markham| Mississauga | Woodbridge | Vaughan| New Market | Aurora| Ontario | Canada

"The Internet has changed everything. Consumers have much more information and power at their fingertips. Agents don't hold all the cards," says Coldwell Banker's Nawel Seth. (Click on the above image to read the full article)

Flat Fee MLS, Flat Rate MLS, Discount MLS  commission, Lower MLS fees are some of the keywords that have caught the attention of every property and business seller. 

Responding to the consumer demand, we are providing several MLS options ranging from Free MLS to Do It Yourself Flat Fee MLS to Low Cost Full Service MLS listing.

We can list your home or business on MLS (Multiple Listing Service) & give you a listing on through one of the largest Real Estate Boards in the world.

Interested?  You can review  our MLS Packages and  choose the one you like.  Once decided, you can Sign-Up”  online and easily submit property details and upto nine photos to get a MLS Listing within  72 hours.  In addition to a Flat Fee MLS listing, we can also provide you A La Carte Marketing Services

Need to know more about us? Go through our Resume to get familiar with our Experience and Expertise. Here are our "References" --what some of our clients have to say  about their experience --live on our website!

If you think, all agents are alike, think again.  All That Glitters is NOT Gold! Experience and Expertise do make a difference - a Real $$ Difference! Ignoring this truism is no less than playing a roulette game with your finances, often with devastating  consequences of  tumultuous selling experience and a significantly lower selling price. 

Lowest Price?  Those who are shopping for the lowest price, are likley to be disappointed.  We are probably not the lowest price but remain the #1 choice of consumers who not only want to save money but also want a brokerage of great experience and reputation; they want to have easy access to absolutely the best support while selling their home. Informed consumers know that the selling process has many pitfalls that could cost them, a lost sale,  a legal lawsuit or thousands of dollars. 

Our clients never feel alone and never become statistics while trying to save money. 


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